Nordic Walking

By Roberto Vallabio, instructor Italian Nordic Walking School (SINW) Translated into Italian it means Nordic Walking and consists of walking with the help of special sticks. An aid that turns

6. Relaxation

Apnea is a discipline that greatly helps us to know ourselves and whose purpose is to savor sensations of pleasure and well-being in the water. Many factors can create states

Beware of sprained ankle

Unexpected forcing sprains the ankle as it goes to force its range of motion and can cause a lateral injury. What are the presenting symptoms? How to intervene?

Can you play sports with psoriasis?

The onset of psoriasis can lead to the abandonment of sports activities, as physical and psychological discomfort causes the patient to isolate himself and suspend what were previously his daily

Starting a physical activity: some tips

The reasons that often prompt us to start a physical activity are many and varied. One of the main motivations is definitely aesthetic (one plays sports to improve one’s physical

Walking to lose weight on a regular basis


To live a healthy life in full mental and physical well-being, it is possible to lose weight by walking, so as to safeguard the health of one’s body and promote the achievement of effective, rapid and natural results.

Slimming down by walking

Walking is, very often, an underestimated type of exercise even though it is very suitable and effective for losing weight and keeping fit, especially if you are lazy, or if you do not have enough time to be able to regularly attend a gym and/or engage in alternative exercise.

There are many ways to walk to lose weight, and unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with them. As a result, it often happens that we are easily discouraged, perhaps because the expected result never comes.

It is interesting to find out how to lose weight by walking, taking into account targeted tips and suggestions, for a life with an optimal state of health and general mental and physical well-being.

Slimming down by walking: how to do it

Many experts and knowledgeable and also many sports enthusiasts or lovers maintain that walking is a healthy habit that should be an integral part of a proper lifestyle, including quality rest, proper nutrition and regular exercise.

If you practice walking on a regular basis, it is not impossible to achieve the ultimate goal, but what does this premise imply? First of all, it is good to determine how you intend to lose weight and the amount of weight to be lost, and depending on your needs, determine which type of walking is most suitable for achieving the final result.

The following is a list of different types of walking by which to achieve specific, targeted benefits:

  • uphill and incline walking, if the goal is to lose weight, and restore your figure, burning fat and calories;
  • fast walking and slow walking, two types of walking to be practiced alternately as a support to stay fit, firm muscles, strengthen and redefine the buttocks, and promote healthy and proper cardiovascular activity.
  • In order to avoid of undesirable situations that may compromise the training plan, however, it is recommended to limit walking time to no more than half an hour a day and for no more than three times a week. It is also recommended to always drink plenty of water throughout the day to promote fluid loss and fight water retention.


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Food allergies and intolerances

Physical reactions to certain foods are common, but for the most part they are caused by afood intolerance rather than a food allergy. A food intolerance can cause some of

Blow to the heart

A “heart murmur” is not in itself a pathology , but merely a signal that the blood inside the heart is flowing too fast or in a “disordered” manner, producing

Emotional crisis

In current usage, the word “crisis” has a dramatic meaning, i.e., the transition from a condition of stability to a variability of previously assumed equilibria, holding homeostasis as the sole

Trigeminal neuralgia

The trigeminal nerve is the fifth of the twelve pairs of cranial nerves in the head; it is the nerve responsible for providing sensation to the face. One trigeminal nerve


Furunculosis is a dermatitis characterized by the presence of clusters of furuncles that tend to develop on the neck, buttocks, face and arms. It is generally due to skin infection

Renal calculosis

Kidney stones is a widespread disease in industrialized countries, including Italy, especially among adult men, who are affected about twice as often as women. Kidney stones are solid structures of

Dentin sensitivity

Dentin sensitivityis when, in response to certain stimuli, the patient experiences discomfort or pain, acute and short-lived, that is not attributable to specific dental causes or disorders. Triggering dentin sensitivity


Diverticula are small pockets that can form in the lining of the digestive system. They usually occur more frequently in the lower part of thelarge intestine (colon). Diverticula are common,

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver, brought about by infection with Hepatitis C virus (HCV), of which there are 6 variants, characterized by different genotypes, different epidemiological distribution


1/10 – What is lymphedema Lymphedema is a chronic pathological condition mainly manifested by swelling of a region of the body due to the accumulation of lymph in the tissues.

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