Muscle strengthening that saves the knee

When the knee is under load, fatigued in supporting the weight and movements of the body, it can manifest its suffering with pain in walking, but sometimes also in a stationary position.

Are our toilet habits normal?

Does it often happen that you have to get up during the night to urinate? Is the “hesitant bladder” a real thing? And when should one seek medical attention?

The risk of fungal infections in swimming pools

In places such as swimming pools, fungal infections are very common because of the large number of people in the water, but also because of certain favorable conditions such as higher levels of humidity and temperatures.

Lumbago: a psychosomatic symptom?

Talking about psychological factors causing back pain or contributing to its maintenance does not mean that the symptoms are imaginary-they are very real physical problems caused by psychological distress.

Bruxism: teeth grinding

Bruxism is a behavior that consists of rubbing associated with clenching of the teeth of the upper two arches on the lower in an involuntary and especially violent manner. This

Cytomegalovirus infections in children

Because CMV can be detected in saliva, urine and other body fluids, the infection can be present in children without any apparent symptoms, being able to be transmitted unimpeded within the home and school communities.

Diving, the basic rules

The human body, while moving through water, swimming or diving, knows that it poses a constant danger since it cannot survive under this element except with reserves of air. Never dive alone.

Tooth/mouth injury


Biting of the lips and tongue

What do?

  1. In the case of biting our lips or the tongue, apply direct pressure to the bleeding area with gauze sterile or with a clean cloth.
  2. If the affected part swells, apply ice or suck on an ice cube.

Fall of a tooth

A fallen tooth can be safely replanted in its place. In the moment in which the tooth falls, it is advisable to keep it for examination at the dentist. Place a sterile gauze pad so that the bleeding is controlled.

What do?

  1. Recover the tooth, do not wash it and do not Remove no tissue fragments attached to it.
  2. Placing the tooth in an appropriate solution For tooth preservation. You absolutely must not put the tooth in alcohol, water or mouthwash.
  3. In case it is a partially extracted not remove it and try to reposition it in the alveolus.
  4. Going to the dentist. If you find yourself in a isolated area it is possible to replant the fallen tooth through a series of instructions:
  5. Handling the tooth from the crown
  6. Rinse the tooth with cold water
  7. Reposition the tooth in the socket.
  8. Push the tooth so that its upper margin is at the same level as the adjacent ones.

Broken tooth

What do?

  1. Gently wash the tooth so as to remove blood from the affected area.
  2. Cover the tooth with sterile gauze.
  3. Apply an ice pack to the face to reduce swelling.
  4. If you think you have a fracture in the jaw, immobilize it with a bandage.


What do?

  1. Wash the mouth with warm water to clean it.
  2. Remove food residue with a thread interdental.
  3. If tooth decay is suspected, insert a cotton ball soaked in clove oil in the cavity. For the pain take aspirin, acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
  4. At the sore tooth, apply an ice pack


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Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is a complex and delicate mood disorder to manage that leads sufferers to experience periods of depressed mood, characterized by symptoms similar to those of major depression, alternating

Polycystic ovary syndrome

Polycystic ovary syndrome or PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) is a fairly common hormonal disorder among women of childbearing age, so defined because it is related to the presence at the

Peyronie’s or curved penis disease

Peyronie ‘s disease is a condition resulting from an abnormality of the penis due to fibrous scar tissue that appears on the penis changing its shape during erection, which becomes


Headache, the so-called “headache,” is probably the most common form of pain. It is chronic or recurrent pain affecting various structures of the head, such as arterial and venous vessels,

Kidney cancer

As with all cancers, the causes of adenocarcinoma and renal sarcomas lie in a series of genetic mutations that allow a group of cells to acquire new characteristics and begin


The trachea is an organ of the respiratory system, part of the lower airway and located between the larynx and bronchi. It is a tubular hollow viscera whose primary function


Rubella is a disease caused by a virus that is transmitted from person to person by droplets from nasopharyngeal secretions. Rubella is endemic worldwide and, in the absence of specific

Heart failure (acute)

Acute Heart Failure (AHF) is a potentially life-threatening clinical condition that can result from the worsening of an already diagnosed chronic heart failure (heart failure) or represent its onset event.


Vitiligo is a skin disease with unknown causes, characterized by the presence of skin patches that are lighter in color (or completely devoid of pigmentation) than the typical coloration of

Strains and muscle tears

In ascending order of severity, a muscle may be affected by a contracture, stretch, or tear. In the former the muscle tissue contracts, in the latter it is overstretched, and

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